[ROM]{KOPA}MIUI8_v6.11.11 China Developer for FlareX1.7/JiayuS3A

[ROM]{KOPA}MIUI8_v6.11.11 China Developer for FlareX1.7/JiayuS3A Screenshot
[ROM]{KOPA}MIUI8_v6.11.11 China Developer for FlareX1.7/JiayuS3A Screenshot
New – Introducing Smart assistant (11-08)

New – The alarm is saved automatically after Home button is tapped (11-08)
New – Turn off alarm notifications in the Clock settings (11-08)
Fix – Couldn’t trigger transport card by pressing Volume down (11-09)
Fix – Modem crashes in LTE networks (11-10)
New – Messages sent in the background are attributed to the apps that send them (11-08)
Optimization – Notification sound algorithm for conversation view in Messaging (11-08)
Optimization – Faster swipe for service numbers (11-08)
Home screen
New – Introducing Smart assistant (11-08)
Fix – Issues with the front camera mirroring (11-09)
Fix – Shutter button didn’t work in some cases (11-09)
Optimization – Algorithms for pushing and deleting alerts (11-07)
Optimization – UI and animation adjustments (11-07)
Fix – DNS issues, increased update rate (11-07)
Fix – Weather info wasn’t updated on time (11-07)
Clock / Calculator
New – The alarm is saved automatically after Home button is tapped (11-08)
New – Turn off alarm notifications in the Clock settings (11-08)
MI Wallet
New – Mi Pay services supported by ICBC (11-09)

1.Factory reset.
2.Wipe cache,dalvik cache,system and data
3.Flash the ROM.
4.Wait for the process to finish, it will auto-reboot.
5.First boot-up will take 10+ minutes, don’t interrupt as it builds cache and boots it to Setup Guide!Done!
6.After booting up and settings things up, just flash latest GAPPs and your fave tweaks and your all set! Enjoy a taste and feel of owning a Xiaomi device!IMPORTANT!!: On the Setup_Wizard, toggle-off “FIND MY DEVICE” cause if not, you’ll encounter issues when you re-flash another MIUI ROM!

Post-flash quick-guide:
►Go to Downloads app/Settings/set Download size limit to Unlimited
►To enable pop-ups for FB Messenger:
►Security/Permissions/Permissions/Locate Messenger/Go all the way down till you see “Display pop-up window/Tap and finally choose “Accept”
►Don’t forget to update System Apps in the included MIU App Store!
►The Latest Game Booster can be located in the Security App as well, it will show in a bit cause when you run it for the first time it’s not there

Personal Mod:
Locate the icon that looks like a “Gear” colored blue, it needs root privilege, it’s got loads of mods and settings like Center clock, changing icon grids, Xposed installer(use at your own risk!), IOS animations and much more! I’ll post a few screenies for this later onInstall Kernel Auditor and change CPU governor, a lot of Governors are included, choose the one that suits you best!

۞Download paid themes all you want!
۞More features waiting to be discovered!
۞HDR and image editing in default gallery works like a charm!
۞Bug: Second Space not working

ROM{653.1MB}: [JIAYUS3A_FlareXMIUI ##download##]

Name:MIUI 8 v6.11.11 China Developer ROM Beta
Android version: 5.0.2
kernel: 3.10.65 by TF by Extreme Team Spain


God for the wisdom and patience he showers to all
Flare X Admins/Members
Xiaomi MIUI
KOPA Porting Team
Yow Bushkie
Google® Adnroid©
Yours Truly for porting this to our lovely device!


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