Starting things off is the Silver Aluminum Case with a White Sports Band that’s available for both the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, which has been priced at Php 15,490 for the 38mm case and the price for the 42mm case is 16,990. There are a bunch of other color variations that use the same material for you to choose from. Hang on to your seats, because the price just shoots up from here.

Exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 2 is a Silver Aluminum Case with Woven Nylon. This has been given a Php 20,990 price tag for the 38mm case and Php 22,490 for the 48mm case. Once again, there are different color variations that use the same material for the case and band, but our favorite among this bunch has to be the Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Woven Nylon; a very safe combination. Got a good grip on your seat? Prices are about to get a bit higher.

This is the Apple Watch Series 2 with a Stainless Steel Case and the White Sports Band. This is priced at Php 30,990 for the 38mm case and at Php 33,990 for the 42mm case. There’s a bigger variety available for the bands that go with the Stainless Steel Case, such as: the Brown Classic Buckle, Milanese Loop, and Link Bracelet. The most expensive from the Stainless Steel variants is the Space Black colored case with Space Black Link Bracelet that comes in at Php 58,990 and Php 61,990 depending on the casing size.

The most expensive of all is the Apple Watch Series 2 that comes with a White Ceramic Case and Cloud Sports Band. The damage for this variant? Php 69,990 for the 38mm case and Php 72,990 for the 42mm case; definitely a serious amount of cash.

Unboxing + Review Video is here!


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