Pokemon GO  Available Worldwide Free Apk With Tutorials


This tutorial teach you on how  to play Pokemon Go. This game only available in few countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan and is slowly rolling out across United States but still not yet available in all country in Asia. To play this game even in you are in the Philippines you need Fake GPS apps for android. Just follow my simple tutorial with screenshot to understand.
Pokemon Go Pokemon Collection


Pokemon Go 1



How to Play POKEMON GO and Setup Fake GPS Location
I’m not liable for any damage for your device!

Pokemon GO
Lucky Patcher
Busy Box
Fake GPS Spoofer PRO

1. Download all the requirements above.
2. Install Busy Box then Click Install (not smart install).
3. Download and install the Lucky Patcher
4. Download the Fake GPS Location Spoofer. (without installing) (remember the location of the file)
5. Run Lucky Patcher. Allow applications if ask root permissions.
6. At the bottom of lucky patcher, Go to the last tab (Rebuild & install).

Lucky Patcher Rebuild and Install

Next, we find the previously downloaded apk file for the Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Click on it and select “INSTALL AS SYSTEM APPLICATION“. Wait to install and reboot.

7. Next you need to set up Fake GPS. Run it, and go into the settings.
Check EXPERT MODE (without the program does not work)

Fake GPS Expert Mode

8. Check Move Around Fake Location

Fake GPS Move around fake Location

9. Timeout in Seconds select no. 3

Fake GPS Timeout in 3 secs

10. The distance to move around select: 50

Fake GPS Distance Move Around 50

In your Fake GPS Spoofer, Search “Melbourne” then explore any of the place then tap the location you want.

Fake GPS Search Melbourne

12. Click the Orange Circle to run.

Fake GPS Play

13. If u want to change the location just Double-Tap on the Spoofer Map.

14. Run now the Pokemon Go. Enjoy!
Explore the city and catch any Pokemon you want.

Pokemon Go 3

Just tap the ball towards the animal. Make it center and bulls eye the target to get the Pokemon.

Pokemon Go 4
You can check your nearby if there’s a nearest Pokemon Master and Pokemon in your area.
Pokemon Go 2
Watch this tutorial in Youtube

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  1. may problima ako papajack
    Next, we find the previously downloaded apk file for the Fake GPS Location Spoofer. Click on it and select "INSTALL AS SYSTEM APPLICATION". Wait to install and reboot.
    after install reboot…ayaw mag reboot
    yung phone ko di pa cya rooted..anong gagawin ko?ty

  2. Thanks for this! Kudos to you guys! totally working in my Flare s3 lite rooted phone, wala akong masabi even for the kilometers needed para sa egg nagagawa dito , the only thing is I dont know whats wrong pero when I try to battle the gym even Im level 5 it didnt work, is this happen to you guys ba?


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