Choosing smartphone is not easy. You should look for specs in order to compare different sort of smartphone out there. I will make your life easier to choose a perfect smartphone. I found this smartphone and all I can say is just “wow.” Yeah just wow why? A Cubot X16s has a monster like features.

A simple stylish smartphone like Cubot X16s has a display of 5.0 inches HD screens. Running on Android 6.0 or Marshmallow, which is the most recent version of Android. If you’re smartphone running on Lollipop why don’t you try Marshmallow today? Switch to Cubot X16s and get amazed to its monster like features. If you want to play HD games such GTA San Andreas or NBA and etc, this smartphone can run those games because this smartphone has 3GB of RAM and a 16GB of ROM.

Cubot X16s Screenshot 1
Cubot X16s Screenshot 2

Love Pokemons? Well I recommend this smartphone to you! This smartphone is perfect to play with Virtual Augmented games like Pokemon Go. This game becomes popular so what are you waiting for buy Cubot X16s to play with your most favorite pokemon! The reason why it is recommended to play with Pokemon Go because it has only a 13 Mega Pixel camera on it’s rear. A 5 Mega Pixel on it’s front has 4P lens and F2.0 aperture so perfect to take less noise selfies. Photography friendly smartphone so you can take a picture look like a professional Photographer.

Cubot X16s Screenshot 3
Cubot X16s Screenshot 4


Cubot X16s Screenshot 5

Cubot X16s is known for it’s “easy to surf the internet” tag-line. Yeah its true because it is 4G LTE suppoted which can brings you a reliable internet speed to upload up to 50Mbps and download speed up to 150Mbps. Incredibly monster like features it has. You want to transfer to another phone? Cubot has a HOTKNOT feature which is you can transfer files and everything into screen to screen transfer. This smartphone will make your life easier than any other smartphone before. A 7.0MM full metal steel slim frame that give itself a classic elegant design. Perfect for professional persons and business man. All these monster like features in affordable price! Gearbest offers a 20% discount to get this kind of professional smartphone, Buy now before its too late!


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