How to root, install xposed installer, and flash twrp to Firefly Mobile S90q Metal
Root, Xposed Installer, TWRP for Firefly Mobile S90q Metal
  • Download and install the Kingroot app as you would do with any normal app.
  • Launch the KingRoot app from the app drawer.
  • If your device is supported, then a ‘Try to Root’ button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just tap this button and let the rooting process complete.
  • After the device is rooted, a success message will appear on the screen.
  • Due Kingroot is laggy, We need to change to SuperSU…
  • Open the SuperSU installer, allowed only and click the big Blue Circle, wait until reboot!
How to install Xposed Installer:
  • Install Xposed Installer
  • Install Flashfire
  • Xposed SDK put in SDcard to find it easily.
  • Launch the Flashfire App
  • Click the Circle (+) button
  • Choose Flash ZIP or OTA
  • Find Xposed SDK zip in your sdcard
  • Click check in the top
  • Scroll down Then tap FLASH
  • Then wait to reboot Recovery of Flashfire.
  • Boom! you have working Xposed!
  • Enjoy to download any Modules
  • How to flash TWRP Recovery
Rashr tools (download in Playstore)
1. Download twrp and rename to recovery.img
2. Install Rashr tools or Flashify
3. Flash via recovery
4. Reboot.
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