[ROM] Stay OS v3 CM Cubix Cube 2
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Stay OS Screenshot 2


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Disclaimer: I am not Responsible to any or what may happen to your device.
Make Sure you have a full back up of you stock rom (Current rom)
The ROM is fully tested and Currently on running on my device.
  • enable / Disable Navbar- Statusbar
  • enable / Disabling the operator’s name
  • Moves Clock on the right or left
  • Setting Color hour
  • Battery Icon
  • enable / Disable the battery icon
  • enable / Disabling the percentage of battery level
  • Monitor Internet data
  • Set Color monitor Data
  • Colors Dynamically set colors at certain hours
  • Gesture
  • Features Gestures anywhere
  • Application Circular
  • Level Visibility
  • size Quick keys
  • Recents Panel
  • enable / Disable button deletion
  • enable / Disabling of the memory
  • the Location deletion button (right or left)
  • Screen Notifications
  • Notification Weather
  • This Setting fast
  • Selection Lot and location shortcut
  • Press Long on the icon to enter the settings
  • as Occupying music with a single click
  • Record Sound and the screen easily
  • Maximize RAM used with a single click
  • Slider Screen brightness
Boot to recovery(cwm, ctr, philz, twrp)
Wipe Data
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik
– Install Stay OS v3- Install Patch
– Install Bootlogo Patch
– Install Playstore Fix- Install Camera Fix
  • STAY OS v3:
  • PATCH:
After first boot try to open PlayStore to check if it is working(must be connected to wifi or data connection)
Rom is already Pre-rooted
  • Q: Bakit po yung name ng device sa about phone ? Makaka damage po ba to sa phone ko ?
  • A: Wala po yang Damage yan dyan kung gusto mo palitan Goto Root explorer Root/system/build.prop Palitan nyo nalang po tnx
Stay OS Team
Project Cyanogen MOD
Slim Team
Carbon Team
Omni TeamMaximum RomMaximum Dev/Team
Infinix Porting Team™
Knight Owls Porting Assassins
Carl BaluranGio Sanoria Olorvida



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