[ROM] Cyanogenmod 12.1 unofficial ported to Acer Liquid Z520

Cyanogenmod Screenshot 1


Cyanogenmod Screenshot 2


Cyanogenmod Screenshot 3


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Cyanogenmod Screenshot 5


Cyanogenmod Screenshot 6

Sound recorder fixed
Messenger Call fixed
Microphone fixed
Ok google recognition fixed
Recent App button fixed
USSD fixed for some networks I guess
GPS fixed
Dolby Atmos Added

😈 Hotspot $ Fmradio 😈 🔫
REMINDER! Please make sure to back your NVRAM folder or IMEI before Flashing this one!

How to backup your imei [CLICKHERE]
Flash it with your own RISK!!!
I am not responsible for any damage or soft/hard brick will happened to your device!
Rom Link:
Click Here
I assume you already have a custom recovery installed.
Flashing this rom:
1. Reboot your phone into Recovery mode.
2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
3. Wipe Cache Partition
4. Advance/wipe dalvik cache
5. Head to the “Install ZIP from SD Card”
6. Navigate to the ZIP file you downloaded and select it to flash.
7. Wait for the process to complete; it may take a few minutes.
8. When you’re done, you’re free to reboot into your new ROM.
Michael Jay of Z500
Telmar for porting
Cyanogenmod OS


    • Not sure if you still suffer from this issue or not, in which case, anyone stumbling upon this problem may find my comment useful (please note, this is regarding the dual sim, not single).

      I had this exact issue for the last 5 hours, and pulled my hair out (literally) trying to fix it.
      It kinda fixed itself, but needed some help.
      I had tried different simcards and nothing worked. But then I decided to put two simcards in at the same time. It then asked which I wanted to select as my main sim, and after that remarkably, 1 sim registered.
      I then switched them around, the same dialog came up but i cancelled it.
      Once I did that, I placed the one I wanted to use in slot 2 (I had selected to use 2 at the first time the dialog appeared) and voila, I had full service. I called the number and it worked.
      It was a surprise for me, so perhaps it disposed of some settings that were built in that caused the error due to all ports now being occupied by alien sim cards. Or it was juist a fluke. Either way, it's worth trying out.

  1. I found another solution: I insert my SIMCard in Slot 2. This is identified as Slot2, but in German Card 1. Only in Slot2 the SIMCard is working. But the System cannot show me my own phonenumber.

    • i am trying to flash this one i hope youre right about being more stable cuz the other link was really buggy the playstore kept crashing apps didnt appear when installed it didnt detect my sim was terrible *sigh* :/ hope this ones better


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