How to root and Flash TWRP in Lenovo a7000 plus/K3 note

In this tutorial I will teach you on how to root Lenovo a7000plus and K3 Note via SPFT tools.
Also on how to flash TWRP recovery.  
To do this you need Desktop or Laptop and working USB cord to connect in your phone.
Just download all the requirements and follow my instructions carefully.
Lenovo A7000 plus root and TWRP


Warning: Rooting can void your warranty! Do it at your own risk!

Download all and extract:
TWRP_2.8.7.0.rar for K3 Note
TWRP for Lenovo A7000 plus

Installing CWM/TWRP recovery in Lenovo A7000 via SPFT


  1. Make sure you have enough Battery atleast 60% and above.
  2. Download and extract LenovoUsbDriver_1.0.14.rar then install AIO_LenovoUsbDriver_autorun_1.0.14.exe in PC
  3. Download and extract SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1516.00.rar and open folder then click flash_tool.exe
SPFT Setup 1
 4. Click Scatter-loading and browse for the scatter file included in the  (TWRP_2.8.7.0.rar for K3 Note) and (TWRP for Lenovo A7000 plus) then click  (MT6752_Android_scatter)
.5.  Make sure flashing mode is set to “Download Only” and check mark only on the Recovery.
SPFT Setup 2

6. Click the Download button
7. Plug and connect Lenovo A7000 Plus to PC /computer via USB cable without unplugging battery and without pressing any button.
8. Wait some time to receive notification Download OK and green check icon
9. Done, please unplug the Lenovo A7000 plus of PC / computer and into TWRP Recovery by pressing and holding all buttons (volume up + power button + volume down) until the  TWRP appear. done!

ROOT way through TWRP

To root:

  1.  Download and move in your sdcard.
  2.  Reboot your  phone then press and hold Vol Up + Power On the TWRP Recovery , click Install.
  4.  Select
  5.  Flash it, no need to wipe cache, you can reboot as it is.
  6.  Enjoy your rooted Lenovo A7000 plus.
Then download Root checker in Playstore to verified. Enjoy! 

You can watch the tutorial in Youtube
Credits: Nigel Esteves

Note: Do not update via OTA. Please unroot first.


  1. mga boss na sira yun lenovo a7000plus ko po…. hindi po cya bootloop. dahil nag root po ako via SPFT po nabasa ko png sa google. den po tapos nya yon pag alis ko nang sasaksa ng USB cable pag power on ko po. ay wala.. wala na talaga lumabas khit vibrate ng cp wala talaga. please help…

  2. my Lenovo a7000plus …. I am not willing bootloop. because I root via SPFT i read from Google. I and quit after I use USB cable . and I power on. is not .. im not really out there actually cp and with vibrate. please help …

  3. Hi Papajack,

    I have experience in rooting Android phones in the past, and I can say that the steps are right and same as how to root other mobile phone. I am just hesitant in doing it with my Lenovo A7000 Plus due to the first comment on your post that is saying that his phone was not successfully root. Can you please confirm that the issue was not caused by your post? I can then have 100% confidence in following your guide to my phone and I will give an update with its outcome. Thanks in advance Papajack.

    • Hi Papajack, sorry for that question. I'm just making sure. I'll be conducting the process now and will be posting here the update. Also kindly delete my previous comments, it seems there was an issue on why my post was submitted multiple times. Thanks bro.

  4. Hi Papajack, as said, I've tried your guide to my phone. Unfortunately until the time of writing, I have no luck in rooting my phone. Here are some information about my phone, computer and process I've done.

    Computer Info:

    Phone Info:

    Error Encountered:

    I've googled the error and landed on this page for information:

    I've downloaded the latest version of Smart Phone Flash Tool but still I am having the same error. I am suspecting that my Windows version is the issue, I'll try the process again on a Windows 7 computer and post an update after. Another issue I am thinking of is that my build version or baseband version is not supported by the process. I just updated two days ago via the over the air system update.

    Sir Papajack, your advice are greatly appreciated and will help me succeed in this process. Thanks in advance.

    PS: I've tried the process with USB Debugging on and off.

  5. I tried your method and bricked my phone. Then I tried your guide in fixing a deadboot lenovo a7000 plus, it just vibrates when I try to power it on or go to recovery mode. Now I have no phone. I seriously need some help.

  6. i did use the above steps. 1st check usb debugging under developer option. turn off phone. and final before u press download check DL/DA all must be checked. to see it under option>options DL/DA whatever youll find there just check all. then your good to go.

  7. i did use the above steps. 1st check usb debugging under developer option. turn off phone. and final before u press download check DL/DA all must be checked. to see it under option>options DL/DA whatever youll find there just check all. then your good to go.

  8. i did successfully flashed it.

    heres what i did:
    enable usb debugging.
    launch spft check all under option>options DL/DA check all under it. turn off phone
    then proceed on the above steps.

    if ever you got bootloop or tool img dl fail
    just follow what i did.

  9. Thanks Kris Arguelles…
    Got my phone rooted…
    At first my got deadboot,then i try to flash again then do what Kris said and it works!!!
    Custom Rom na lang ang kulang…
    Tnx to papajack and Kris for this…

  10. Be sure to check the dl checksum in the option upper right before click the download if not work try to remove battery connect you phone then put back the battery,this tut works me,thank

  11. i just did follow your step ,else i did download from your page. not my device in brick mode.vibrating but not booting even bootloop,i did backup stock rom befre flash twrp,but not even after flashing stock condition still same


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