How to upgrade to Android 5.1 Flyme 4.5.6A (20150926025246):
Flyme upgrade Meizu M1 Screenshot
1. Download the firmware (Click Here)
2. Make some backup while downloading the update (About phone > Storage > Backup data of phone)
3. Move to the root of your disk/storage.
4. Tap and check clear user data (Backup files won’t be erased)
5. Phone will restart to continue the update. (May take awhile so go ahead and drink coffee or something else)
6. Download Google Installer from AppCenter (This will install Play Store and Google Services Framework) or download here: Click Here
7. Restore your backup (Some apps from 4.4 will re-download from Play Store to get their Lollipop version)
8. Enjoy your Lollipop 5.1!
Note: You cannot downgrade to an older stable version after upgrading to 4.5.6A!
Change Log | Flyme 4.5.6 stable version For m1 note
Change Log | System
· Fix: Even now, when playing the game gravity sensor failures
· Fix: enter when connecting Bluetooth devices to play music search application centers, concerts loud or silent problem
· Fix: automatic light sensor in the same ambient brightness brightness is higher than some of the previous issues
Change Log | Newsletter
· Fix: part number can not be detected Flyme online communication problems
* Repair: Flyme communication recognizes Unicom cards and mobile cards are unknown problems
Change Log | Security Center
· Optimization: Dropzone permissions set to off by default, also the desktop a clean space
· Fix: Smart Align wake of problems can not be closed
Change Log | Desktop
· Fix: After a call to return the desktop Caton occasional jump screen issue
· Fixed: notification bar now time even the wrong question
· Fix: under lock screen gesture wake latency issues
Change Log | Browser
· Optimization: horizontal screen when browsing the web, enter the setup interface, window animation is not smooth problems
· Fix: night mode in Baidu input box to bring up the input method appears as a white question
Change Log | Documentation
* Repair: PC and third-party applications can see locking directory problem
Change Log | Application Center
· FIX: warns of insufficient storage space, the installation fails problems when installing applications Evernote
Meizu m1
Verlin Casunuran


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