This tools are awesome you can hack your neighbor’s wifi with PLDT Home Carrier Service provider.

This only works on PLDTHOMEDSL, PLDTHOMEFIBER and  PLDTMYDSL with default password. I’ve tried this app and  amazed that can hack easily. I have two method to hack PLDT WIFI. The PLDT.apk and Wifi Sniffer this are the tools I’m going to teach you.
Note: I’m not liable for any damage or happen to your device. Just do it at your own risk!
Android Phone
This tools are easy and user friendly  just only one click you can hack your target. Thanks to PHU group and BSH for this amazing app. I preferred to use this app.
Download and Install PLDT.apk. Open the app then on your wifi. Click scan and just tap your target then Tap connect.  Boom! now you are connected. Enjoy…
Tools on how to Hack PLDT WIFI Screenshot 3


Tools on how to Hack PLDT WIFI Screenshot 4
Android phone
This app can traces mac address that we used to hack PLDT wifi.
Download and Install Wifi_Sniffer.apk. Open the apps then on your wifi. Copy the last 5 digits of mac address in your target. Password ex. PLDTWIFI+ LAST 5 DIGITS MAC ADDRESS.
Tools on how to Hack PLDT WIFI Screenshot 1
Just follow this image shown below.
Tools on how to Hack PLDT WIFI Screenshot 2
Boom!. Goodluck and Enjoy!

This educational purposes only. I’m not liable for anything happen in your device.



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