[ROM] Cyanogen Mod 12.1 Ported to SKK LYNX (mt6592 chipset)
Note: I’m not responsible for any damage that this ROM will cause. This ROM is for free so don’t demand for bug fixes to release soon as you wanted. I’m not forcing you to use this custom Rom. Don’t expect too much from this ROM.
Cyanogenmod 12.1 Skk Lynx


Cyanogenmod 12.1 Skk Lynx Preview 2


Cyanogenmod 12.1 SKK Lynx Octa


Cyanogenmod 12.1 SKK Lynx Octa Preview 3
This ROM is only for those who want to taste CM12.1 features and Android Lollipop 5.1.1 goodness to their Lynx. Not for those who what to use their Lynx like: a phone with ultimate camera that can capture distant planets and galaxies ; a phone with big battery that can last up to 10 years without charging ; a phone with 4TB RAM and 64TB ROM with 2.7thz millioncore processor that can play PS4 games without a single lag ; a very loud stage sound system that can play any songs even the song is not yet composed ; a video player that can play movies even the movie is still filming ; a internet source that can download or upload up to 50TB/millisecond ; in short, “wag maarte” regular android cellphone/ROM ang gamit mo, di yan cp ni Chuck Norris.
And now presenting :
CM12.1 ported to LynxFeatures :Very SmoothReal CM 12.1Real Android Lollipop 5.1.1 ROMCM12.1 and Lollipop features.
Working:RILCameraBT/WifiSensorsVideo Playback Lollipop AppsCM ThemesAll working except:
Not Working:Video Record (working with remedies / other app)Data on SIM2report for more.
REMINDER! Please make sure to back your NVRAM folder or IMEI before Flashing this one!
How to backup your imei [CLICKHERE]
Flash it with your own RISK!!!
I am not responsible for any damage or soft/hard brick will happened to your device!


Download Link:


HOW TO INSTALL. Please ma a backup first.Please pay attention carefully:Download all files below (CM12.1 for Lynx/SuperSU/Gapps Pico 5.1.x/Xposed SDK 5.1.x/Xposed Installer 3.0/XinternalSD)
1. Put required files into SD Card.
2. Boot to recovery mode and Make a full wipe
3. Flash CM12.1 first, then Gapps, then SuperSU then Xposed SDK.
4. After that, reboot.
5. Install Xposed Installer and XinternalSD, then activate XinternalSD from modules.
6. Open XinternalSD and chang path from storage/sdxard1 to data/media. Put a check in include system app. Tap activate for apps, put a check pn apps that need to save files in sd card like Camera App. Then reboot.
7. Enjoy Android Lollipop and CM12.1 experience to your Lynx. Add more sugars if sweetness is not enough.
QA’sQ: This “app” is not working or Installing
A: Dude, you’re using an updated Android version that uses ART runtime instead of traditional Dalvik. If those apps is not working, then this as the possible causes: App doesn’t support ART runtime/needs lower Android API/version, App is modified and signature is changed.
Q: “May Bugs ba?”, “Pa-fix ng bugs”, “sana mafix ang bugs”, “daming bugs”
A: I don’t hate those questions but it’s annoying, fixing bugs is very hard, and time consuming.  I’m not a dev, I’m just a porter, i fix bugs on the best possible way I can. But wait, bugs will never remove on Android, logo pa nga lang, bug na (Bugdroid). Don’t like bugs? me too, back to you favorite ROM.
Q: Can’t record video.
A: Try this camera app, of course you need to activate this app is app in XinternalSD
Links:CM12.1 ROM:Gapps 5.1x:SuperSU:Xposed SDK :Xposed Installer :XinternalSD :
 Special Thanks:
Aivenson Austria for porting this rom
Glenn Cañete Sandig
All member of Namesless Porting Team
Xolo devs
Jc Erana(Me)
And for those who is not mentioned here, thank you. Please Comment to add your name.



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