[TUT]How to remove  MonkeyTest and Time Service Provider for SKK LYNX

Sorry guys, I don’t have enough time to make an update in SKK LYNX due to I’m busy in my work and  family. I made a short tutorial on how to remove this unnecessary and annoying apps.
Are you tired and stress of this unwanted apps “MonkeyTest and Time Service Provider” that always appeared in recent apps? As my opinion this unwanted apps are like a worm or virus in android phone that you can’t delete or uninstall easily. It always came back when the phone was restart even I deleted it in setting/apps. I don’t know there function but I think this app has nothing to do with your device.

I’ve noticed in “system/data/data/” which MonkeyTest file folder uses session id which means has access in your internet or data connection. I think their main purpose to earn their money in ads without knowing it but I don’t have enough evidence and I just warned you. This Agingtest.apk which included in “update v1.6” has binded of this two malware. I tried to delete Agingtest.apk and successfully “TimeService doesn’t appeared anymore even on restart. One more problem is “Monkeytest.apk” which “pgk.apk”  the real path file name (using luckypatcher to determine the file location).
I also deleted it using rootexplorer found in “system/mnt/asec” but still appeared in my recent app. Then I’ve checked again in luckypatcher but the new file name is “”. I tried to delete it and change permissions but always failed to delete. Unfortunately my last sort is to flash again Stockrom V1.2 then I will make an update flash thru custom recovery. Which I will not include AgingTest.apk that binded the two malware. I believe this update can install even on rooted or unrooted Skk Lynx.

StockROM v1.2
Custom Recovery (Philz,CTR,CWM,TWRP)
Note: Before flashing make sure to clean your rom or wipe all via custom recovery
1. Flash Stockrom V1.2 via SPFT. If you already in V1.2 no need to flash it again. Just proceed to the next step.
2. After flashing download updatev1.6 then move to sd card folder. Go to Custom Recovery (philz touch/CTR) then navigate to mount system and mount data. Install updatev1.6.
Then Reboot.

For other device [TUT]Alternative way to remove Monkey test and Time Service Provider.

After all the studies, This is a malware called “Ghost Push Malware”. My opinion was right that the attacker want to earn money from Ads. This malware affect 80% of Android users mainly Kitkat (Android 4.4). The  best way to remove this malware is to flash the original Firmware or Stockrom. Then update to Lollipop or new version if available.


  1. I have a horrible problem with Monkey test and time services and it is keep coming bck I have tried everything including reset:( please please tell me in steps as I am not too good with phones how to remove it….I also got perfect clean and porno club that is keep coming back onto my phone ( and I have never downloaded it???)

  2. #TESTED!!
    easy way to remove monkey test app!….

    as someone else also noticed first this time service start and than time service install monkey test from server …. …
    so simple here's a trick to get rid of monkey test malware …..
    simply disable the root of intatallation of virus …..

    just simply factory reset your phone if possible ….no required but still for protection …
    now jst simple go in settings > apps > swipe right and open all apps and from there select time service … clear its cache and there was a disable option right there .. simply disable that … now this app won't be able to install monkey test malware again ……

    I can help you with screenshots …
    mesage on whatsapp – +918567071102

    • @Sourav
      Thanks for the helpful feedback. What if they installed monkeytest already. This unnecessary apps can't delete easily even on factory reset or wiping cache thru custom recovery.

    • Hi there thanks for your help! can you please tell me how to fix play store even though I am connected to the internet it keep saying no connection Retry…btw it seems like the titanum freezed the monkey test and time services Thank you!!!!!!! By the way how can i protect my phone not to get it again this kind of apps? I am worring that while I download apps from play store it will come back. True?

    • @kasha
      That's true even playstore doesn't know what apps bind this kind of malware. I hope someday or later can increase their security in terms of accepting app in playstore.

    • Simple 1st you can unistall = monkey test and time services in setting…then 2nd work go in settings } unknown source = off.. then 3rd work go to in (app permissions) = On …. In your kitkat version thanks

    • Simple 1st you can unistall = monkey test and time services in setting…then 2nd work go in settings } unknown source = off.. then 3rd work go to in (app permissions) = On ….

  3. hello everybody, first download macafee …..the copy it's apk file to sdcard… then copy it and ur data to computer….
    then format sdcard…. delete everything from phone storage….. go to setting backup&reset rest and erase everything….
    then after restart don't…. don't…. don't connect to the internet….. go to setting app and disable time service….. then install mcafee.apk….then go to security and disable allow installation from unknown source…. restart ur mobile

    very important….. if you connect internet through wifi…..after every reset…. then connect through mobile data

    very important….. if you connect internet through mobile data…..after every reset…. then connect through wifi

    Active macafee…. he show you timeservice is not safe…. but mcafee is not able to remove…. but your mobile is safe…

    This come from porn site/app……


  4. ola amigos, tenho um motorola milestone 3 e peguei esse teste do macaco e tempo de serviço e nao consigo desislatar tao pouco congelar pois meu celular é incompativel com o app busybox , alguem pode me ajudar no passo a passo?



  5. Simple 1st you can unistall = monkey test and time services in setting…then 2nd work go in settings } unknown source = off.. then 3rd work go to in (app permissions) = On ….in your android kitkat version phone thanks bye

  6. Good my kitkat lenovo has disable function built…+ permission control…+autostart management built in settings security….

    As my experience this two malware interacts in all of your apps and games and draw pop up ads on it plus it has a command that auto download and install an app. This probably happen when you install an app outside google play like what i did….good thing my device have this disable button in app setting…so i dont need to delete it…

  7. Hi guys! I am also suffering like you all with monkey test and time service. It pops ads unnecessarily without notifying you and install apps without your permission. It won't go even after factory reset! So best way is to complete firmware flash. But remember to install a good Antivirus so that u wouldn't suffer like this ever again. And never install apps outside play store. Then enjoy your mobile! 🙂

    • I personally helped almost 35 people out of this. Those who don't have a stable rom for their drvice that tutorial is for them.. Flashing with original rom is the best idea. but this virus can be removed without flashing thats my point.

  8. Having same problem here…. I have like five apps that keeps coming back. Monkey test, time service, easy touch, cool browser, and privacy guard and i didn't install any of these…. PLZ HELP…. Pls i need detailed explaination … Thx

  9. Hi i installed the 360 secure and just disable the monkey test and time service not remove
    But every time I turn on the Wi-Fi ، viruses become active again
    any solutions to remove this viruses for ever


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