Alcatel Flush Plus Recovery

1. Rooted
2. Choose any of this recovery:

TWRP 2.8.img
(Then rename to recovery.img)

3. Rashr_Tool.apk

Step 1:Install  rashr_tool.apk

Step 2: Move the recovery.img in your SDCARD outside the folder which you can see easily.

Step 3: Open Rashr Tools Grant SuperSu
Click Recovery from Storage
Then choose Recovery.img Click OK


Note: pls do not reupload without sharing my blog! Thanks.

Special Thanks:
Sir carliv
Me for porting this.


  1. for those having problems with the latest OTA installing from the custom recovery and and di nakapagbackup ng recovery partition and wants to go back to stock: make sure na meron na kayong OTA notification, and download completed via the updated app — DOWNLOAD FULL ROM den download OTA snatcher from Google Play — run OTA Snatcher and Grab the file should be saved somewhere sa sdcardlewaOTA or sdcard1lewaOTA — can flash the stock rom and will overwrite the custom recovery once flashed. sa ngayun no need pa custom recovery wala pa masyado development sa device na to

    • @zxhian thanks for your comment. This for preparing in case your device in bootloop you can restore your backup. If your device has an OTA you need to flash again your stock recovery to prevent conflict and bootloop. Because OTA has included "" and "recovery-from-boot.p" file that can conflict with your custom recovery that can cause bootloop.

  2. Hi how can i changer my recovery? I am using CWM no but I want to change it into TWRP. What should I do first? Should I remove the CWM or i'll just flash directly the TWRP.

  3. I have successfully flash twrp via rashr but I can't boot into recovery, the screen become black for sometime and then my phone reboot. My phone is rooted with King root 4.0. Please, please help me!


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