Updated Carliv Touch Recovery 2.7 for Myphone rio fun V1. Android 4.2 Jellybean Screenshot 1

Whats New?

– rebuilt from base (cwm and add improvements on top.
– reintegrated bottom virtual navigation keys, to compensate the non-function of swipe in some phones
– better compressed backups integration – pigz support from cm-11
– new “nvram backup/restore” menu functionality: the nvram partition will be backed up in clockworkmod/backup/.nvram/nvram-xxxxx folder as nvram.img. This will help if you lose IMEI and other communication features. It will work only if you have the nvram partition defined in recovery.fstab. If the nvram partition is damaged (as in flashing an oversized recovery) this will not help you, and you need SPFlashTools to reflash with format your phone official firmware, and after that flash this recovery, boot in recovery and restore nvram.
– the recovery has now an increased stability, many issues are solved
– the content of the backup folder will contain only what an usual clockworkmod backup contain, and that will make it easy to restore backups made with older versions.
– new GUI images, very light
– some other changes.

Step 1:Install Mobileuncletools.apk

Step 2: Move the recovery.img in your SDCARD outside the folder which you can see easily.

Step 3: Open Mobile Uncle Tools Grant SuperSu
Click Recovery Update
Then choose Recovery.img Click OK

If not work try to rename recovery(1).img to recovery.img
Or flash via SPFT in PC: Download [HERE] check only recovery then click download in SPFT.

Note:Please give a proper credit to me and don’t share it without sharing my blogs. Thank you!

Special thanks
carliv of xda



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