This  one of the problem in my phone rio fun running in kitkat version. So that I made a tutorial on how to bypass this problem. I have two method to bypass it
Myphone rio fun Kitkat version can only send video such as .MP4, songs such as .MP3 and image such as .JPG except Application which is “.APK” extension

This is easy as Just read and understand the procedure.

Method 1:

1. Just rename the application file .apk to mp4,or.mp3 ,or.jpg or .zip using your rootexplorer then send now via bluetooth.
Then change when you receive the file and rename to .apk again in order to install. That’s it

Method 2:


This one of the best apps to transfer file via WIFI. You don’t need internet connection to transfer. This app create a FAKE wifi and you can connect it directly.

Note: Your pairing phone need to install this in order to send or download the file.
You don’t need to install this application the one who send the file need to install this Superbeam.

1. Download and extract via rootexplorer then install the 2 apps including PRO version.

2. Once installed the superbeam go to file manager or rootexplorer then choose the file you want to send and choose superbeam to send file.

3. Connect via Direct wifi of your phone to other phone who send the file.

4.Once connected open the default browser or chrome who download the file then go to the ip address that you can see in the image below then insert this 


How to transfer application in myphone rio fun Screenshot 1

Note: Click the other device to see the right ip address and password.

5. Then you can see the file in your browser and  you can download now. That’s it!


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