Hi guys I made a tutorial again for newbie on how to fix bootloop Myphone Rio Fun (Jellbean). In order to flash stockrom you need to
install driver based in your windows version. Just follow the procedure below.Do it at your own risk and be careful. It can cause hardbrick or deadboot so follow my tutorial carefully.Requirements:

Myphone Rio Fun



1. Download Mediatek Driver and Extract then Install the driver for 32 or 64 bit operating system of windows 7.

Driver Choose 32 or 64 bit

2.  Before you plug your phone in PC, you need to focus in Device Manager, then plug your phone without the battery you only have approximately 5 seconds to appear MT65xx device that shows under Other devices, you need to right click it as soon as you see it.

Then after you rightclick, click to Update driver software
3. Then choose – Browse my computer for driver software
Browse Driver
Browse the Mediatek MT65xx Preloader Driver folder
Make sure you know the version of OS to choose the right driver for your PC.
Choose your OS version, then choose if 32-bit or 64-bit for your PC.
E.G. s Win7  folder:
usb2ser_Win7.inf – if 32-bit
usb2ser_Win764.inf – if 64-bit
4. Another options, to find right driver for your phone is to open your internet while your phone is connected without the battery and automatically searching driver for your phone.
1. Download all necessary files and Enable USB Debugging mode in your phone..
2. Install Drivers USB_VCOM_Driver.rar
In Device Manager Right click on PC name(Right Side) and then click on Add legacy hardware as shown in image below.
add legacy
Now in Add Hardware Wizard click on Next » Install the Hardware that i manually select from a list (Advanced) » Show All Devices » Next » Have a Disk, Now select the any inf file from where you extracted the downloaded VCOM driver package.
mediatek preloader
3.  Now Click on Next and select Install this driver software anyway and wait for finishing the process.
Install driver anyway
4.  After installation is finished then Restart your computer, That’s it.
If still not success in installing driver just Disabled Driver Signature Verification
1. Go to PC Settings>General>Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>Startup Settings>Disabled Driver Signature Enforcement>Then Restart
disabled driver signature verification
Once you disabled. Then follow the procedure above to install the driver. Once success proceed to next step.

5. Download SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1352.01.rar and extract then click flash_ tool to open

Click Flash tool
6. Click Scatter_loading and open your scatter file like image below(I’m using mt6572 scatter File)
Click Scatter Loading

7. Check all except preloader. (If your device is hardbrick/deadboot apply check in preloader)

Uncheck Preloader

8. Click download

Click Download

9. Wait until green circle appear


Remove your phone to usb cable then insert your battery and On your android phone..Enjoy!

Note: If not reboot try factory reset in recovery mode of your phone.

You can watch Video Tutorial below
Credits: Androidxda

You can download and select your device for available STOCKROM
If invalid IMEI occur after flashing follow this tutorial on how to fix IMEI.Credits:
Paul Montano for stockrom
Myphone Rio Fun Group


    • I saw in some forum and try this

      Download mobileuncle tools



      1. remove battery,

      2. you'll see IMEI of sim1 and sim2

      3. write it down, you'll need it later

      4. power on your device then install mobile uncle app

      5. open mobile uncle go to engineer mode/engineer mode (MTK)/CDS information/radio information (if you don't have mobile uncle just try to dial this *#*#3646633#*#* then find your cds )

      6. the first one, is phone 1, that's sim1. choose phone1.. den tap AT+ , it's in the upper left side.

      7. type E, then options will appear, choose EGMR=1,7"".

      8. copy the IMEI (we're updating phone1 so that would be Sim1 / IMEI 1)
      EX. if the IMEI number of sim1 is 8902265554560001 ,
      you'll type it in mobile uncle as:
      EGMR=1,7"8902265554560001 "
      after that it should look like this:
      AT+EGMR=1,7"8902265554560001" . then touch send at command.

      9. after sim1, we'll go to.. same procedure as step 6, just replace the number "7" with number "10" since this would be for SIM 2,
      It should look like this
      EX. if the IMEI number of sim1 is 8902265242110004 ,
      you'll type it in mobile uncle as: EGMR=1,10"8902265242110004 "
      AT+EGMR=1,10"8902265242110004 " . then touch send at command.
      then touch send at command.

      10. reboot after this.

    • @pepentete
      Kung windows 7 ka try mo iconnect sa net pra kusa maghanap ng driver pra sa CP u…Kung ayaw naman subukan mo mag skip na jan at mag proceed kn sa next step, minsan kasi hindi natin napapansin na nainstall na ang driver sa PC natin.subukan mo lang..

  1. ser, pa help nmn po.. meron ako myphone agua rio fun v2 kitkat. palit po ako ng sim then Privacy Protection Password Lock up. now, ginawa ko dload ng stock rom then tpos ko iflash boom! dead boot na cia.. plss help.. tnx.


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